Saturday, 9 October 2010

Architects - 8 Oct 2010 (Koko)

What a night and what a gig. A sold out gig at Koko featuring some of the best upcoming bands and headlined by one the UK's best metal acts at the moment. I managed to get in the venue just as Architects got on stage. The whole Koko was packed and the lower level seemed like an angry sea of people. From what I was told the previous bands did an amazing job at warming up the crowd. Architects got on stage with an amazing energy and took with them the 1400 fans that made it to the gig. The gig kicked in with the powerful riffs of Day In Day Out and continued with a selection of songs out of the Hollow Crown CD. The Hollow Crown song as it self was profoundly acclaimed with the majority of the public singing along with Sam Carter(Vocals). The gig ended with Follow the Water. The energy that the band gave out was amazing and the presence on stage was intense and ball-grabbing. After the gig the band headed for the after-party at the Relentless Garage where I had the opportunity to speak with the guys for a bit. I was very surprised when I asked Tom Searle(Guitar) to tell me which guitar players he was looking up to and replied to me:”The guy from Coldplay isn't bad”(lol?). Anyhow if Coldplay helps to inspire the music of Architects, I guess they don't do only bad things after all!

Architects: 18/20

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