Monday, 11 October 2010

August Burns Red - 10 Oct 2010 (Islington Academy)

I was a bit disappointed when I entered the academy and heard the singer from Of Mice & Men saying “Goodnight, thank you very much”. I was kind of looking forward to see this guys live. However the other two bands kind of made up for this. Second to come up was Blessthefall. The boys from Arizona had a tough time to get the public with them during the whole set with a clearly divided public. At the front ¼ of the room was full of people enjoying the gig, then some kind of empty space with a few moshers, followed by a motionless group of people that occupied the rest of the venue. By the end of the set things got a little better and the rest of the crowd started to move a little bit mostly thanks to the amazing energy of the singer Beau Bokan and Jared Warth(Bass). This two guys made a great effort to carry the academy with them and almost reached their goal. I have to be honest and say that I was disappointed with the stage presence of the two guitar players. To me they seemed very tired and were lacking a lot of energy in comparison with the two other guys. I'm pretty sure that if they were up to the same energy level as the other two guys they would had achieved a better impression and would had carry more people with them. Up next came the leading act for the evening: August Burns Red. Last time I saw this guys at the Lamb of God gig I was very impressed by the power and energy they were giving out so I kind of knew what to expect and thankfully I wasn't disappointed. The guys kicked in with a very aggressive and powerful set and grab me by the hair and made me head-bang for the majority of the gig. Despite the warnings of the venue that no moshing should be encouraged the crowd did go mental and the surfers got on their “boards”. August Burns Red was like the Iron Maiden spaceship driven by Eddie on the Final Frontier video clip. Fast, aggressive and ravaging everything on its way! After the gig I had the chance to speak with the singers from the two bands and guess what...Just like Architects, the bands are also influenced by Coldplay. Beau Bokan admitted to me that Chris Martin was one of his singing influences and Jake Luhrs(ABR Vocals) told me that one of Matt Greiner(Drums) favourite bands is again Coldplay. I should probaly listen to more Coldplay!

August Burns Red: 18/20
Blessthefall: 15/20

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