Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lamb of God - 13 Feb 2010 (Brixton Academy)

LAMB OF GOD! You do realise that when a band like this hits town you know it will be a “messy” night, and indeed it was. Got at Brixton quite early and managed to get all the supporting acts with first on stage Between the buried and me. A not so impressive set by this North Carolina band but to be honest when you are waiting for Lamb of God it is quite hard to attract anybody unless you grab them by the balls. August Burns Red did exactly that. If you are not familiar with this band they do actually kick ass. Great, heavy music, nice stage presence and nice interaction with the public, despite the fact that most of the crowd was there for Job for a Cowboy and Lamb of God. HOWEVER...............August Burns Red members dressing style is to put it?.... “not appropriate”. I really don't mind having people dressing up in any kind of way, but coming to a Lamb of God gig dressed like just doesn't feel right. Coming up a band that I was very intrigued to see live and I have to say I was quite disappointed. Job for a Cowboy came on stage with attitude, confidence atrocious sound. Don't really know if Job for a Cowboy is to blame or if it is Brixton but the sound was just very very bad. Also the fact that the pit was mostly consisted of young teenagers who, I ll be honest, don't really mosh but try to be as violent as possible, did leave a very bad taste in my mouth about the whole set . Job for a cowboy is definitely a respected band and they perhaps deserve a review with a better sound. And now the main act for this soiree. LAMB OF GOD. Couldn't ask more from this set. Powerful, aggressive, headbangigly amazing, hair pulling, bruise maker, knee destroyer and everything else that follows a great metal gig. The “big boys” took over the pit and things started to feel a bit more METAL. I actually had to quit for a moment to get a break because of the intensity of the pit. Lamb of God delivered an amazing set with a mixture of Wrath songs as well as some classic head bangers such as Redneck, Laid to Rest and Omerta. Randy(Vocals) was on excellent form and Chris Adler made that drum-kit wish it was never born. A definite must-had-gone-to show and I'm sure that all who attended will remember it for a few years.

Lamb of God: 19/20
Job for a Cowboy: 14/20
August Burns Red: 15/20
Between the Buried and Me: 12/20

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