Thursday, 7 October 2010

Opeth - 5 Apr 2010 (Royal Albert Hall)

A virtually sold out gig, in one of England's most majestic venues, for one of my favourite Swedish bands (along with ABBA of course). Having literally the best seat in the house (first box opposite the stage) this gig was definitely something more than a normal gig. The wedding between the hall's amazing sound and the mind drifting melodies of Opeth was a unique experience to witness. No supporting bands this time but two amazing sets by the Swedish metalers whith the first one consisting of the entire Blackwater Park album. Opeth delivered that album live, with amazing effectiveness and accuracy. I have to admit that I was mind blown by the great job that the media team has made. The projections behind the band were suiting the context perfectly and were just travelling across mountains, forests and an amazing variety of shapes and colours while the all so famous Harvest and Dirge for November were enthusiastically welcomed by the public. The second set consisted of songs from the entire catalogue of Opeth albums from the beginning of their career to their latest opus Watershed. A very nice move from Opeth which obliged them to play songs that they very rarely play in concert and also showcased the evolution of the band throughout their 20 years old career. The gig ended with one of the most powerful songs from Watershed: The Lotus Eater. During the song some technical difficulties with Fredrik Åkesson's guitar led to, what I believe to be, an amazing moment where the crowd just embraced the band and made a difficult and somehow embarassing moment seem like nothing. I believe that everybody who has attended that concert will agree with me that it was one of the best performances from Opeth in many years. And if you missed it, well don't can now buy the DVD of the performance!

Opeth: 19/20

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