Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stone Sour - 19 Oct 2010 (Dingwalls)

The first European date for Stone Sour promoting their new album Audio Secrecy, before they head to Berlin to kick off the tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah, and this gig sold out in just an hour after the tickets were released. Those familiar with Dingwalls will know that it is not a venue that bands with the reputation of Stone Sour usually play, but this time it was perfect. As expected the venue was packed. Corey Taylor (Vocals) really made the evening feel like a very private party with some very special guests. The gig was just overwhelming. The band kicked off with Mission Statement and went through with songs from all three albums that the band has released so far.  The new songs, in particular, got a very warm reception by the British public with massive sing-along on Say you’ll haunt me and Digital. The all so famous acoustic performance of Bother by Corey was perfectly performed both on vocals and guitar which makes me think that Corey has been practising. Through the glass followed, which to me has become some kind of a trademark for Stone Sour, along with a few other songs out of Come What(ever) and then surprisingly we got the honour to get the rarity that is Idle Hands with Corey and the crowd doing the “infamous” dance routine! The gig ended with a massive 30/30-150 that left everybody, including me, highly satisfied. The crowd was amazing and Corey really knows how to create a link with his audience. If you bear in mind that this was a “warm up” gig for the European tour then the only thing I can suggest is: GO AND SEE STONE SOUR WITH A7X! You won’t be disappointed. I even had the chance to ask Corey a few questions before the gig and discussed matters such as the upcoming tour, Slipknot and of course...Coldplay! The band just came back from some gigs in Japan and was getting ready for the European leg of the tour with A7X and Hellyeah. All three bands, pretty much, have lost a member in the near past so I took the liberty to ask Corey about how was the atmosphere backstage, with the other bands. It all seemed to be working pretty good and the friendship between the bands really made things run nicely. Vinnie Paul(Drums for Hellyeah) even gave the guys his piece of advice on the matter by saying that Paul, Rev and Dime are always with them and that now they have to live for them as well. When asked about the future of Slipknot Corey stood still on his position that it is too early to say, (despite the fact that both Clown and Joey Jordison have confirmed that there will be a new Slipknot chapter to come), and that there hasn’t really been a band meeting about the matter yet. Regarding the new Slipknot DVD, that was released a few weeks ago, the band is really happy with the result although it was very strange watching the whole thing again. Corey described the experience as being a “bittersweet sensation”. Finally I asked Corey what seems to turn into my standard question: What do you think of Coldplay? Corey described Coldplay as a “Vanilla version of Radiohead” and to be “sleeping music”. To be honest I’m kind of relieved that at least someone shares almost the same opinion as me on the matter!

Stone Sour: 19/20

PS: Corey is a fucking cool guy!  

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