Thursday, 7 October 2010

This Will Destroy You - 30 Sep 2010 (Underworld)

I was lucky enough to discover this band earlier this year and even more lucky to find out that they would be playing in London. Despite the fact that I believed that the gig wouldn't get much attendance it was fully packed. The first band to come up was East/Strike/West which delivered a very pleasant set. Nice melodic and harmonic ideas, a very powerful voice and an appropriate stage presence made me want to listen to more from this band. Up next was Talons. The band line up looked very appealing with two violins, two guitars, drums and bass. However I did find the whole thing a bit too “messy”. The sound wasn't really good and the stage presence was extremely imposing. Musically the band delivered a nice mix of heavy riffs and violin melodies. I do believe that this band has a lot of potential but they really need to work on their sound and their presence. Then it was This Will Destroy You's turn. If you haven't heard of this band please go find one of their songs on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes or what ever you like and play it NOW! This band delivered an amazing set. They really transmitted the feeling of floating in space. The smoothness and energy of their sound can really make anyone travel in their own minds. The band started their set with Black Dunes and went through some older songs as well as songs from their upcoming CD. The encore brought back the band to deliver another two songs before the end of the gig and just blew everyone away when I Believe in Your Victory was played making it a perfect ending song. If you ever get the chance to see this band live please do so. You wont be disappointed.

This Will Destroy You: 20/20
Talons: 13/20
East/Strike/West: 16/20

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