Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Exodus - 23 Nov 2010 (Islington Academy)

Well tonight I left the academy and all I could hear buzzing in my ears was: E-XO-DUS, E-XO-DUS, E-XO-DUS... My god(if you exist) what a gig!!! There are some bands out there that provide some kind of safety when it comes to gig. Of course I don’t mean personal safety, I mean Heavy Fucking Metal safety, where bands such as: Machine Head, Lamb of God, Iron Maiden etc just give you one hell of a good time. Well in this list, that I have just developed before you, make sure not to miss EXODUS. You can’t really miss it now that it is in capitals and bold! The academy was packed tonight! Not a full house but not far at all, which gave the necessary space for this gig to become a mosh-pitting paradise. Exodus came on stage with a very strong and aggressive set and that was just the beginning of a great night. Rob Duke(Vocals) created a special connection with the crowd and just made everybody go crazy, especially on songs such as The Toxic Waltz, War Is My Shepherd and Children of a Worthless God. At some point Duke wasn’t completely happy with how the crowd was mosh-pitting so he just jumped down and showed everybody how it’s done. The energy that these Californian thrashers were giving out was immense and the solos of Gary Holt(Guitar) were ripping through all night long. Holt is a great shredder and has an amazing technique on the guitar reaching the elite status that only a very few players have in the metal scene. As the set was coming to an end the pit was getting bigger and bigger and more and more people were getting involved. The crowd surfers had some fun as well and gave a very hard time to the security guys since a few of them even made it to the stage to say “Hi” to the band. Overall a great gig, and I can support this by giving you some "after-the-gig" stats:
-Two persons knocked out in the middle of the pit
-One person with a broken leg
-One person with a broken nose
-About six hundred and sixty six bruises...and thats only on me!

Exodus: 19/20
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