Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Jägermeister Tour - 9 Nov 2010 (Islington Academy)

First leg of this year’s Jägermeister Tour and the line up didn’t look too bad. First on the bill for the London show was Never Means Maybe. The band came up with a good energy but they were lacking that extra boost that they needed to smash the place up. Despite the lack of people in the venue the band did give out a nice show that to me sounded a bit like a Coheed & Cambria with heavier riffs and a touch of Soulfly. They had very nice musical passages and the clean vocals were very nice. The unclean vocals however lacked the energy and the volume. Generally a pleasant gig from this Essex band. Next on stage were The Defiled from London. Despite the crazy keyboards player which stole the show the rest of the band was not really giving out anything.  Some of the riffs reminded Slipknot and the beginning of the set was very “clumsy”. Towards the end of the set things started to get better but still they didn’t manage to draw the crowd towards them. The band members generally were not tight between them and that made them sound a bit un-professional. Generally I was not impressed by them. Up next were Exit Ten. When this band from Reading started playing the first thought I had was: System of a Down. I soon founded out that they had nothing to do with them. This band combines heavy/hardcore riffs with clean vocals and I have to say although it sounded a bit strange to me in the beginning it kind of works. The band came on stage with lots of confidence and energy and the crowd responded to their call with enthusiasm that they kept during the whole set. The vocals were very good and sometimes the singer even reminded me of Jim Morisson. The band will be recording their album after this tour so you might want to check it out. And to end the night the headline was Sylosis. Another Reading band that probably more of you know. Sylosis recently lost their vocalist when he left before the summer and Josh Middleton( Guitar & Vocals) took up the position. However knowing Sylosis with a vocalist it felt to me as the front man position was still empty. The band in general was good with a good energy and with mind blowing riffs. The band was extremely tight and it really made the riffs come out very well. The guitars in this band are amazing and the unison parts that they play sound really good while the lead parts are just brilliantly executed despite their technical difficulty. Sylosis is also releasing a new album very soon so if you are a fan of the band check it out because the samples we heard tonight were really good.

Sylosis: 17/20
Exit Ten: 17/20
The Defiled: 14/20
Never Means Maybe: 15/20 

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