Monday, 8 November 2010

Job for a Cowboy - Whitechapel - 7 Nov 2010 (Dingwalls)

I have been looking forward to this gig, since last time I saw this bands they were occupying the support band’s spot and everybody knows that it is not the best spot to impress. Whitechapel came on first and the boost that they gave to the whole crowd was unbelievable. These guys are really getting better and better every time I see them. Despite the amp problems that Ben Savage(Guitar) had  the band kicked off with a lot of energy and The darkest day of man from the A new Era of Corruption album and then came in the headbangingly amazing Possession. Phil Bozeman(Vocals) was really good and really makes me think that he has one of the best brutal vocals out there. The set list was satisfying but I have to admit I was expecting more new material to be played. Songs like Devolver and End of Flesh for example. The set ended with the classic now This is Exile. Crowd wise it was f*cking brutal. The crowd just loved it. Due to the way things are set up in Dingwalls there were a hell lot of stage divers and crowd surfers. Some of them even visited the shoes of Ben Savage to give them a nice little kiss. Then came on Job for a Cowboy. I have to say that once again the guys failed to impress me. On the albums they sound amazingly brutal and heavy but somehow on the stage they are unable to deliver that feeling. They are missing the “ball-grabbing” factor. Despite that the crowd kept on going mental especially on songs such as Entombment of a Machine. Later on I even heard that some punches were delivered on stage. All jolly nice init mates? Overall: a satisfying gig but not impressive. The word is that Whitechapel is thinking to do a headlining tour in the UK and Europe some time next spring. I personally hope that it is true because a headlining Whitechapel is a good Whitechapel. Until then Job for a Cowboy and Whitechapel are still on tour in the UK and Europe so go out and check them out when they come near you!

Job for a Cowboy: 15/20
Whitechapel: 17/20

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