Monday, 22 November 2010

Minkus - 18 Nov 2010 (Buzz - Lausanne, CH)

It is quite a shame that some bands that deserve to get out of their country and present themselves to the world don’t, while others that should had stayed in their rooms do. This time I had to travel to Switzerland to discover this band. Minkus is a band founded in Lausanne, Switzerland 9 years ago and today they are just on the world’s doorstep waiting to step in. This is also why although this band is signed to a label I will assess it as an unsigned band. So here I am at the Buzz Club in Lausanne and Minkus is up next. Despite the awful sound of the venue, Minkus came up aggressively and with a nicely built atmosphere the band provided a well balanced set.  Despite the short length of the set the crowd seemed to enjoy the songs and in particular the cover that Minkus did of last year’s UK Christmas number one: “Killing in the Name”. Just so that you understand what Minkus sounds like it is a mixture between Rage against the Machine and Hatebreed but not quite that. They have something unique in their song-writing and in their performance that without a doubt makes them one of the best metal bands in Switzerland. The new album is coming out in March and you should definitely give it a try. Along with the new album there is also a video clip coming out, featuring one of the songs on the new album: “Shout”. I had the chance to attend the shootings of the video and will post a small review on it as soon as it comes out early next year. Until then you can check out their Myspace here.

Minkus: 8/10

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