Saturday, 6 November 2010

Neonfly - 5 Nov 2010 (Purple Turtle)

Neonfly was flying tonight at the Purple Turtle. The band went through a big change in the last few months when Tamás Csemez who used to hold the mic for Neonfly suddenly left the band and had to be replaced. Luckily Willy Norton(Vocals) stepped out of the shade and stood under the spotlight. And what a terrific job he did. If you are not familiar with Neonfly let me describe them for you: Get a Gojira loving drummer, two long haired riffers that are as tight as a know....and a dreadlock bass player that is better at circle headbanging than Corey Beaulieu. What do you get? POWER!!!! Neonfly is the perfect mix between melody, heavy and power! So obviously they needed a singer who could deliver all of that as well. Well Willy didn’t disappoint me at all. He delivered so well on stage that he gave to Neonfly a massive lift...a bit like the surgeons do to Mick Jagger’s face. The band was very tight and gave out an amazing energy. The Turtle was packed, since the line up for the evening was very attractive, and what a great opportunity to present the new singer to a wider Londonian crowd. Neonfly came on with an amazing energy and the riffs of Frederick Thunder(Guitar) filled the venue with a very pleasant heaviness! During the set the band presented some new songs, due to be recorded on the band’s first album some time in the beginning of next year, so keep an eye open for that. Towards the end of the set the ever so melodic Ship with No Sails and the new Star Trek fans anthem I think I saw a UFO where the ones to show how good the band is and concluded this great set. Neonfly is currently on tour with Freedom Call, across the UK. Check out their website for the full tour dates.

Neonfly: 8,5/10

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