Sunday, 28 November 2010

A New Tomorrow - 27 Nov 2010 (Water Rats)

I was really unhappy when I found out that I couldnt attend the first ever gig of A New Tomorrow, so when I heard that they were playing again I just had to go. The history and the line up for this band is just so interesting that it makes it a top priority to go and see them. So, second gig ever for this, relatively, new band from London and God I wished the second gigs of all new bands sounded just like that! The energy and confidence that the band had and was giving out was huge and it really reached the crowd which responded in the appropriate way.  The band performed a short 35-40 minutes set and despite the bad sound during the first song things improved dramatically as the songs were coming in and eventually turned out to an amazing sound for such a small venue. The sound of the band was “enormous”, as someone from the crowd described it to me during the set, and really filled the venue.  Alessio Garavello(Vocals-Guitar)’s voice is extremely powerful and he can reach notes that are “over the rainbow” so easily that it seems as if it is a game for a 3-year-old. To accompany Alessio’s voice you had the beautiful guitar licks from Edward Cooper(Guitar). Edward manages to get out of his guitar a great tone and his timing on when to kick in with the solo parts was just perfect! The solos came in just at the right moment to lift up the songs into that next level of greatness that is needed for any good song to leave an impact on the public. The rhythm section of the band, Andrea on bass and JD on drums, was excellent and was really going for it with an amazing willingness to reach the crowd. Many times when performing, people get the feeling that they can reach the sky and the stars... well I’m pretty sure that A New Tomorrow did that tonight and I’m certain that they took many people from the public with them. Check out their Myspace here!

 A New Tomorrow: 9/10

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