Monday, 15 November 2010

Nick Harper - 14 Nov 2010 (The Social)

I first heard about Nick Harper two or three years ago when I got in London, and I only got to properly hear and see him tonight, and I have to say I was mesmerized by this guy. As some have already called him Nick Harper is the unsung hero of English music, and I have to say that it is probably true. You hear very little of this man while you should hear a hell lot about him instead. Not only he is amazingly good at guitar he also has a very powerful voice and a very good sense of humour. The whole gig was just an amazing trip to the Harper world just like his dad, that probably a few of you already know, used to do. Yes, Nick is the son of guitar legend Roy Harper but please, don’t let that cloud your mind. Nick is on a league of his own. The guitar playing and the voice are just amazing and the best of it is that he does everything on his own, just him and his guitars. For this gig I was joined by one of my very good friends and when we entered this small London venue I knew that the night would be very interesting. First up we had a duet that sang and played guitar with some nice tunes but I’m afraid to say not very captivating. Mancub Babywoman, as they are called, gave a nice performance but the low self esteem of Charlotte King(Vocals) was something that somehow ruined their stage presence and set. However I do believe that everybody enjoyed the set and didn’t find it annoying. Nick Harper came on stage next and with a mind blowing, ball-grabbing solo he just got everybody’s attention before he started to sing. I have to admit that this guy plays the guitar like most of the guitar heroes out there, and I wonder if he doesn’t play better than some of them too. During the set he delivered a variety of his compositions which are absolutely beautiful and feel as if they have a soul of their own when he sings them. Nick has an amazing range in his voice and can reach notes that most of the singers can’t even reach in their dreams. The interaction with the public was amazing and the use of environment was perfect. Nick didn't miss any opportunities to make a joke or point out something funny. Also one of the things that you have to witness at a Nick Harper gig is the re-stringing of the guitar when he breaks a string. All those who play guitar know what a pain it is to re-string a guitar and personally I've never seen anybody re-stringing a guitar on stage. Nick on the other hand does it while playing and singing. How? You’ll have to go to his gig and find out on your own...or you could Youtube it! For the encore Nick delivered two songs on the 12string guitar and exited the building in a very cheerful and interesting way. To sum this up I can only recommend that you go to a Nick Harper gig whenever you get the chance. It is an amazing experience. Make sure to take somebody with you though because it is definitely an experience that needs sharing!

Nick Harper: 20/20
Mancub Babywoman: 14/20

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