Tuesday, 7 December 2010

101% Pantera - 5 Dec 2010 (Purple Turtle)

I was, unfortunately, born in this world too late. Too late to witness the amazing band that Pantera has been, live. Growing up as a teenager Pantera and Dimebag Darrell were a huge inspiration for me and I soon came to realise that this was the case for so many others within the metal community and not only. Generally cover bands don’t really get me excited and I have to admit that I’m guilty of not really attending any of these shows. However last night was different. I can openly say that 101% Pantera is the closest thing to Pantera you can get at the moment within the UK. This band is made up by an impressive selection of musicians including Chris Jones from Voodoo Six, which was absent last night due to the Voodoo Six tour and replaced by Aaron Waddingham from Man of Kin, Boris Le Gal, current drummer for London’s power metallers NeonFly, Dylan Cooper on bass and Patrick Reily on vocals.  Quite impressive don’t you think? Of course with a line up like this the result can only be extremely good. Well, it was unbelievably good. The band came up on stage and delivered a set, that lasted for a bit more than an hour, including a vast majority of songs from all of the Pantera albums. The band kicked in with an aggressive 5 Minutes Alone and despite the sound issues that came up, especially with Patrick’s microphone, the band kept the crowd and the venue in general, under their control. This cover band is really bringing out all the energy and raw power that any Pantera song carries within it and that energy is directly transmitted to the crowd which was just ecstatic during the totality of the set. In general the band is really giving out everything they have and trust me they have a lot to give so if you are wondering on what to do during the next few days you might want to check out the tour dates of the band since they are actually touring the UK in commemoration of Dimebag’s death.
Also don’t forget that tomorrow (Wednesday 8th of December) is the 6th year anniversary of Dimebag’s death so make sure to wear your Pantera t-shirt and to start your day with Cowboys from Hell!

101% Pantera: 10/10 

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