Thursday, 30 December 2010

SoulSteal - 29 Dec 2010 (Tepee - Limassol, CY)

It's funny how sometimes other bands introduce you to other bands in the most unusual ways. Well this time thanks to Amorphis I got introduced to this Doom/Death Metal band from Cyprus. I am aware that Cyprus is not really famous for its metal bands but bear with me for a second. Having an important experience on everything that has to do with Cypriot culture and its people I can tell you that, when one of them decides to do something, he will do it in the best possible way. This is the case for Socrates Ioannou(Guitar&Vocals) who drove this band from its creation in 2001 to being one of the most respected bands in the Cypriot Metal scene. With one album in their catalogue Soulsteal got on stage at what is, to me at least, one of the best metal venues in Cyprus. The set-list included a mixture of covers and originals which honestly blended really well between them. The compositions of the band really manage to give out a dark and gloomy feeling that every doom metal fan will enjoy while the influences from bands such as Katatonia, Anathema and My Dying Bride are quite strong, but still there is this little touch by these guys that makes it different and unique. The vocals of Socrates are amazingly powerful on the dark parts and really stand out with their clarity on the clean parts. Despite the line up troubles that the band went through during this past week the gig was well executed and the crowd seemed to enjoy the totality of the set. The crowd here in Cyprus is quite different that the crowd in the UK but the intensity and the love for metal is still well felt in the atmosphere. To sum it up: a very good gig from Soulsteal and a very good atmosphere in general. The ball-grabbing factor was lacking a little bit but I'm sure it will come with bigger crowds and more on-stage confidence. If you are a fan of Katatonia and such bands you should definitely check out Soulsteal's myspace page and judge for yourself and who knows maybe one day we will have them over in the UK. 

SoulSteal: 8/10

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