Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Arashi - Achilla (2010)

Arashi by Achilla is the new single of the band coming from their album, due to be released this year: Timeless. This single gives us a nice preview of Timeless and after a few listens really makes the ear to demand for more. First song on the single is Arashi which is an amazing combination of heaviness and melody all together mixed up with a touch of darkness. Arashi is the Japanese word for storm, and this song will definitely lift you up like a 12 beaufort hurricane. The amazing thing about this song is that, although it is shorter that your usual songs (2:56), Achilla has managed to include so many material into it and avoided the feeling that you get when you try to squash in too many elements in a song. Second track on the single is Volcano which is a track that brings out a good power and energy to the listener. It includes some very nice and technical parts from Daniele Panza(Guitar) and some nice bass lines from Gus Macricostas(Bass) that locks in perfectly with the drums of Vincenzo Infusino(Drums). The physical version of the single also includes an acoustic version of the song Wild Flower which produces some sort of Hispanic feel mostly due to the guitars and the way Daniele is performing this song. The melodies of Martamaria(Vocals) really fit in with the ambience and her amazing range really gives the band its unique sound. In general the guitar work by guitarist Daniele Panza is amazing with acoustic guitars sounding amazingly clean and the harmonies on the melodic parts of the guitar matching very well with the whole ambience of the songs. The lyrics of Martamaria are also very interesting and just as legendary author/journalist Malcolm Dome correctly said Martamaria's “ lyrics are melancholically inciteful and introspectively articulate.”
You can get a copy of this single on the majority of digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Play or Spotify. Hard copies which include the acoustic cover of Wild Flower can be purchased at with worldwide delivery.
Alternatively you can visit these links for more info:
Arashi: 3,75/5
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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Crowbar - 20 Jan 2011 (Underworld)

So once again back to, perhaps my favourite venue in London: the Underworld, but this time to witness the heaviness and “amaz-ness” of Crowbar. However before I talk about Crowbar there is an other band that was on the bill that needs to be mention. Opening up for Crowbar tonight were Hammer of the Gods and Shaped by Fate. I, unfortunately, didn’t catch the whole Hammer of the Gods set so I'm not able to give you a full review of that. However I have to admit that the uniforms were very nice and like Paul Fortescue (Vocals) from Shaped by Fate said: ”Anyone who can dress up like this and get away with it earns my respect”. So Hammer of the Gods: definitely a band to check again in the future. Now, as for Shaped by Fate, these guys came on stage with a huge energy and lots of attitude. Everyone in the band really gave 110% of their capabilities and they delivered a very satisfying set that definitely warmed up everyone for Crowbar. The sound of the band was not bad for a supporting act and the stage presence, as I said, was just enormous. If you are into the metal-core scene and you are looking for something new then give these guys a listen and I'm sure you wont be disappointed. And then was the time that we were all awaiting: Crowbar! The New Orleans sludge metalers really did it for everyone tonight. They delivered a great, heavy set and really satisfied everyone in the Underworld which was packed since this show was sold out. The crowd was very energetic and participated in every song while the pit on All I Had (I Gave) went absolutely mental and the crowd at the front of the stage really felt what heavy means! Crowbar is definitely one of the heaviest bands out there and they proved it with Planets Collide which was just HUGE! Crowbar also gave us a little taste from the new album that is coming out on Valentines day (14th of February for those of you who don't take showers) with Cemetery Angels which you can check out on Crowbar's website here. Overall: a great gig with a hell lot of noise, beer and metal!

Crowbar: 20/20
Shaped by Fate: 16/20

Big thank you to Adam Sagir!

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Friday, 14 January 2011

Malefice - 14 Jan 2011 (Underworld)

Despite the fact that Malefice performed in London only 2 months ago, with Arch Enemy, they were back for more and I'm glad they did. Malefice is a band that has the ability to make the back of your neck sore for a week after their gig and tonight wasn't any different. With some really enjoyable pits tonight, we had the privilege to hear some of the tracks coming from the new album, due to be released sometime before the summer of 2011, and honestly they were GOOD! The crowd seem to enjoy the tracks and like Dale Butler(Vocals) said: “People killed themselves to our new stuff tonight” so definitely keep an eye open for this album because it looks like it is going to be a killer one. Of course songs from Dawn of Reprisal and Entities couldn't be absent and songs such as An Architect of your Demise really made it for everybody in the venue. An other great thing about this gig was definitely the choice of venue. The Underworld is just the perfect venue for bands like that to get close to the public and deliver some kick ass shows. The way the Underworld is built just makes it a great underground venue and with bands such as Malefice you can only be sure it will be a great night! The guitars of Ben Symons(Guitar) and Alex Vuskans(Guitar) blended really well together and were delivering that hammer-feel blow to the crowd. Chris Allan-Whyte(Drums) and Tom Hynes(Bass) really brought the groove to the gig and really displayed some high-level technique on their instruments. In general Malefice: great band! Very tight, heavy riffs, great vocals and really cool guys. I think we have a winner here and their future definitely looks very bright so good luck to them and I know that I will be eagerly awaiting for that new album and so are the other 300 persons that were down at the Underworld tonight!

For more info on the new album and Malefice check out the interview with Dale Butler below!

Malefice: 19/20

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Firewind - 7 Jan 2011 (Relentless Garage)

Last year (2010) has undoubtedly been the greatest year for Gus G and Firewind. From Ozzy to the world wide recognition of the band, 2010 has just been a dream year. And to celebrate all that London had the amazing chance to welcome this headline gig from this Greek band. Together with them was the Gibraltar band Breed 77. Breed 77 came on stage with a little bit of hesitation. Being somehow tortured by the lack of space on stage the band seemed to have a hard time to get the public on their side. However it soon changed when the band got familiar with the situation and started to enjoy their selves on stage. The band in general gave out a very strong and warm energy and it really made them perfect for the night. I have to say that I thought that they really were a great support band and warmed up the crowd for Firewind really well. Their cover of Zombie by The Cranberries was the one that really caught the crowd's attention and made it jump up and down. Then on stage was Firewind. This Greek metal band has everything it needs to make it into the big boys. All the members are amazing musicians with a very good technical ability. The one that impressed me the most was definitely Bob Katsionis(Keys&Guitar) with his dexterity. Playing guitar and keyboards at the same time like he does is definitely something that you don't see everyday. Gus G(Guitar) once again showcased his amazing guitar skills and really showed why Ozzy picked him to be his axe-man. This guy is a shredding machine!! Now if anybody of you never actually heard Firewind or any other Greek power metal band well let me tell you that it is damn good! The crowd seemed to love it and everybody got his disco moves out when the cover of Maniac by Michael Sembello was played. For the encore Firewind kept Into the Fire, I am the Anger and of course Falling to Pieces which concluded the evening.Overall a very nice gig with a good atmosphere and a very pleasant show.

Firewind: 18/20
Breed 77: 16/20

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