Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Arashi - Achilla (2010)

Arashi by Achilla is the new single of the band coming from their album, due to be released this year: Timeless. This single gives us a nice preview of Timeless and after a few listens really makes the ear to demand for more. First song on the single is Arashi which is an amazing combination of heaviness and melody all together mixed up with a touch of darkness. Arashi is the Japanese word for storm, and this song will definitely lift you up like a 12 beaufort hurricane. The amazing thing about this song is that, although it is shorter that your usual songs (2:56), Achilla has managed to include so many material into it and avoided the feeling that you get when you try to squash in too many elements in a song. Second track on the single is Volcano which is a track that brings out a good power and energy to the listener. It includes some very nice and technical parts from Daniele Panza(Guitar) and some nice bass lines from Gus Macricostas(Bass) that locks in perfectly with the drums of Vincenzo Infusino(Drums). The physical version of the single also includes an acoustic version of the song Wild Flower which produces some sort of Hispanic feel mostly due to the guitars and the way Daniele is performing this song. The melodies of Martamaria(Vocals) really fit in with the ambience and her amazing range really gives the band its unique sound. In general the guitar work by guitarist Daniele Panza is amazing with acoustic guitars sounding amazingly clean and the harmonies on the melodic parts of the guitar matching very well with the whole ambience of the songs. The lyrics of Martamaria are also very interesting and just as legendary author/journalist Malcolm Dome correctly said Martamaria's “ lyrics are melancholically inciteful and introspectively articulate.”
You can get a copy of this single on the majority of digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Play or Spotify. Hard copies which include the acoustic cover of Wild Flower can be purchased at with worldwide delivery.
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Arashi: 3,75/5
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