Thursday, 20 January 2011

Crowbar - 20 Jan 2011 (Underworld)

So once again back to, perhaps my favourite venue in London: the Underworld, but this time to witness the heaviness and “amaz-ness” of Crowbar. However before I talk about Crowbar there is an other band that was on the bill that needs to be mention. Opening up for Crowbar tonight were Hammer of the Gods and Shaped by Fate. I, unfortunately, didn’t catch the whole Hammer of the Gods set so I'm not able to give you a full review of that. However I have to admit that the uniforms were very nice and like Paul Fortescue (Vocals) from Shaped by Fate said: ”Anyone who can dress up like this and get away with it earns my respect”. So Hammer of the Gods: definitely a band to check again in the future. Now, as for Shaped by Fate, these guys came on stage with a huge energy and lots of attitude. Everyone in the band really gave 110% of their capabilities and they delivered a very satisfying set that definitely warmed up everyone for Crowbar. The sound of the band was not bad for a supporting act and the stage presence, as I said, was just enormous. If you are into the metal-core scene and you are looking for something new then give these guys a listen and I'm sure you wont be disappointed. And then was the time that we were all awaiting: Crowbar! The New Orleans sludge metalers really did it for everyone tonight. They delivered a great, heavy set and really satisfied everyone in the Underworld which was packed since this show was sold out. The crowd was very energetic and participated in every song while the pit on All I Had (I Gave) went absolutely mental and the crowd at the front of the stage really felt what heavy means! Crowbar is definitely one of the heaviest bands out there and they proved it with Planets Collide which was just HUGE! Crowbar also gave us a little taste from the new album that is coming out on Valentines day (14th of February for those of you who don't take showers) with Cemetery Angels which you can check out on Crowbar's website here. Overall: a great gig with a hell lot of noise, beer and metal!

Crowbar: 20/20
Shaped by Fate: 16/20

Big thank you to Adam Sagir!

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  1. Awesome gig last night.
    I've filmed a bit. Here's the thing, if you want to watch it:

    Nice post.