Saturday, 8 January 2011

Firewind - 7 Jan 2011 (Relentless Garage)

Last year (2010) has undoubtedly been the greatest year for Gus G and Firewind. From Ozzy to the world wide recognition of the band, 2010 has just been a dream year. And to celebrate all that London had the amazing chance to welcome this headline gig from this Greek band. Together with them was the Gibraltar band Breed 77. Breed 77 came on stage with a little bit of hesitation. Being somehow tortured by the lack of space on stage the band seemed to have a hard time to get the public on their side. However it soon changed when the band got familiar with the situation and started to enjoy their selves on stage. The band in general gave out a very strong and warm energy and it really made them perfect for the night. I have to say that I thought that they really were a great support band and warmed up the crowd for Firewind really well. Their cover of Zombie by The Cranberries was the one that really caught the crowd's attention and made it jump up and down. Then on stage was Firewind. This Greek metal band has everything it needs to make it into the big boys. All the members are amazing musicians with a very good technical ability. The one that impressed me the most was definitely Bob Katsionis(Keys&Guitar) with his dexterity. Playing guitar and keyboards at the same time like he does is definitely something that you don't see everyday. Gus G(Guitar) once again showcased his amazing guitar skills and really showed why Ozzy picked him to be his axe-man. This guy is a shredding machine!! Now if anybody of you never actually heard Firewind or any other Greek power metal band well let me tell you that it is damn good! The crowd seemed to love it and everybody got his disco moves out when the cover of Maniac by Michael Sembello was played. For the encore Firewind kept Into the Fire, I am the Anger and of course Falling to Pieces which concluded the evening.Overall a very nice gig with a good atmosphere and a very pleasant show.

Firewind: 18/20
Breed 77: 16/20

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