Friday, 14 January 2011

Malefice - 14 Jan 2011 (Underworld)

Despite the fact that Malefice performed in London only 2 months ago, with Arch Enemy, they were back for more and I'm glad they did. Malefice is a band that has the ability to make the back of your neck sore for a week after their gig and tonight wasn't any different. With some really enjoyable pits tonight, we had the privilege to hear some of the tracks coming from the new album, due to be released sometime before the summer of 2011, and honestly they were GOOD! The crowd seem to enjoy the tracks and like Dale Butler(Vocals) said: “People killed themselves to our new stuff tonight” so definitely keep an eye open for this album because it looks like it is going to be a killer one. Of course songs from Dawn of Reprisal and Entities couldn't be absent and songs such as An Architect of your Demise really made it for everybody in the venue. An other great thing about this gig was definitely the choice of venue. The Underworld is just the perfect venue for bands like that to get close to the public and deliver some kick ass shows. The way the Underworld is built just makes it a great underground venue and with bands such as Malefice you can only be sure it will be a great night! The guitars of Ben Symons(Guitar) and Alex Vuskans(Guitar) blended really well together and were delivering that hammer-feel blow to the crowd. Chris Allan-Whyte(Drums) and Tom Hynes(Bass) really brought the groove to the gig and really displayed some high-level technique on their instruments. In general Malefice: great band! Very tight, heavy riffs, great vocals and really cool guys. I think we have a winner here and their future definitely looks very bright so good luck to them and I know that I will be eagerly awaiting for that new album and so are the other 300 persons that were down at the Underworld tonight!

For more info on the new album and Malefice check out the interview with Dale Butler below!

Malefice: 19/20

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