Sunday, 13 February 2011

Evile - 13 Feb 2011 (Underworld)

The Thrash revival in the UK has had an amazing response from the fan base as well as the bands involved, taking it to new levels. Tonight's show proved just that.
Any young artist opening for Evile must surely be quaking in their boots pre-show, but Mutant took it in their stride and managed to pull off a great set and really got the almost full crowd in the mood for cracking some skulls. Fast, tight, and with a good sound, they not only performed well, but showed themselves in a manner of the 80's legends with the front man fitting the persona perfectly in his relationship with the audience. Effects on the main vocals were a little over done for the first track, but as soon as Tom Luchtenstein(Vocals, Guitar) began to talk to them, the effects issue was soon resolved and there was an all together excellent set.
Second up were Ipswich thrash outfit Elimination. Mutant had set the expectancy of the crowd to a high level and the energy was there ready to explode, but the audience seemed disappointed for the first few tracks as the music was a little slower and more epic melodies were coming from the stage and not the hard hitting, no nonsense thrash that the crowd desired so many began to head off to the bar area of the Underworld. A good sound and a tight set lead to the audience responding well towards the end which enabled Elimination to really get into gear and revive the show, leading to the final act.
Evile have come a very long way and they have been at the very forefront of this recent thrash revival, and tonight they showed exactly why. With riff after crushing riff at lightning speed and with machine gun percussion to boot, the audience was in the palm of their hands throughout the entire set, especially during Into the Pit, during which the pillar in the middle of the crowd area became a pivot of a huge pit that would make one dizzy to watch for an extended period of time. To close the show, an excellent performance of Killer from the Deep pushed the punters to their limits, and left Evile still in the eyes of many thrash fan as the number one UK thrash band. With no clear problems, there is no telling how far, and how fast, they will relentlessly rise.

Evile: 20/20
Elimination: 14/20
Mutant: 18/20
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The interview with Ben from Evile is coming up very soon!

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