Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nile - 13 Feb 2011 (Islington Academy)

Gigs like the one that happened last night are not witnessed very often. We had it all: bad news, good news, great news, excitement, surprises and a hell lot of METAL! So let me start with the bad news. Bad news were that the second tour bus carrying a bunch of merchandise and 3 of the bands playing had stuck somewhere in Scotland due to a flat tyre and wouldn't make it to the gig. Good news was that the two bands that were in London and that were going to play were Melechesh and Nile. The great news were that we would get a bit more from each one of them and that kicked in the excitement. So first on stage were Melechesh which, like pretty much everybody else in the room, I never saw live so I could only expect what I had heard on the CDs and let me tell you something...I was blown away!! This band is extremely good live and they really give out something that you could hardly ever expect. The crowd just loved them and from what Ashmedi(Vocals) told us after the show during the interview, they loved it as well. So, was the first Melechesh London gig a success?? Hell Yeah!! The band came on with a great energy and they just sounded really really good. The middle eastern influences where exactly where they needed to be and when Ashmedi says: “Create, not re-create” well that is exactly what he is doing.Melechesh has created a very unique sound and you can't really get it anywhere else. It was also interesting to see that people came to London from all around the world for this gig. Notably a couple from the Netherlands as well as people from Israel, Scotland and even the US! But of course with a line up like this, who can blame them? So after being blown away and lifted up by Melechesh it was time to get smashed in the face by the heaviness of Nile! METAAAAL!! Nile was just perfect. The sound unfortunately wasn't terrible but like George Kollias(Drums) told us after the gig “When you play this kind of music, its hard to get a good sound” and its kind of true. This was also the first time that Chris Lollis(Bass, Vocals) played with Nile in London. And that guy is bloody good on the bass. Really good technical ability and great voice that really gives to Nile a push and makes them sound, in my opinion, a bit bigger and heavier. And what to say about Karl Sander(Guitar, Vocals) and Dallas Toler-Wade(Guitar, Vocals)? This guys just killed it. They shred like crazy and they really capture the death metal sound perfectly. So when everything was going great and we couldn't be happier we get the first pleasant surprise of having Ashmedi from Melechesh joining Nile on Black Seeds of Vengeance and then we get something that as I was told was the second and last time that Nile would ever do, a cover. Nile nicely covered Thin Lizzy's Emerald in memory of Gary Moore who sadly passed away last week. And if you wonder who did the vocals was Punchy, the sound engineer and tour manager of Nile. Good voice that lad has!
And to sum it up, great night, great gig and very cool memories!
Cheers to everyone that helped and made everything happen!

Melechesh: 19/20

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Unfortunately the sound on both interviews with Nile and Melechesh is not available. The cassete we used seems to be faulty and there is nothing we can do about it. Apologies to everyone for not having those interviews.

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