Friday, 11 February 2011

Silent Hell - Annihilation (2010)

Silent Hell by Annihilation is a well constructed EP with various elements gathered from a variety of acts from all around the metal scene, which brings to your mind moments of Arch Enemy, Shadows Fall, All that Remains and even Iron Maiden-on certain melodies and harmonies. On some passages there are some sloppy parts which seem out of time with the drums and a few guitars not being very tight and it would definitely have been better if those were perfected before releasing the EP. The ambience created by the EP is definitely very good and sure is pleasant enough to listen to. Sound-wise the guitars are not always very clean and the palm-muting parts sound a bit too dirty which distorts the sound to that extra bit that you don’t want. The solos showcase a nice technical ability but are not always fitting the chords and tonality of the songs. Ryan Patterson’s vocals hold the track quite well. Some parts are still a bit strange to the ear, especially on some clean parts, but with time I’m sure that Ryan’s voice will get better and stronger since it has that potential. Most of the songs have the ability to be very good live and it is certainly very interesting when an EP can produce this feeling. However this EP suffers from a disease that lots of other EPs suffer from, commonly known as LIATSOTS or Losing Interest After The Second Or Third Song. The problem here is that there is no significant change that would keep the ear of the listener directly concentrated to the music. A more stylistically varied concentration of songs would have been better and would probably be more interesting to the listener.  One other negative of the EP is the length of the songs. All songs are above 6 minutes and can reach 8 or 9 minutes which is sometimes a bit too much and reduces the chances of being able to memorise songs and passages.
The track that really stands out of this EP to me is In the Shadow of the Bomb which is definitely a track worth checking out. So many elements are introduced in this song that it definitely makes it a very interesting song to listen to and will probably be a killer live. Also worth noting is Reason to Die which showcases a slightly different side of Annihilation.
Overall Silent Hell by Annihilation is a very good first EP from the band and it looks promising for the future. However there is a lot of room for improvement and the band should keep on working hard and will then definitely achieve recognition!

Silent Hell: 1/5

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