Monday, 28 March 2011

Achilla - 27 Mar 2011 (Hoxton Underbelly)

When I heard the line up for this event I was awaiting a good night. Achilla and A New Tommorow are two bands that I have seen before and know that they can deliver great shows. However there was also a new band, for me, on the bill tonight. Seven7 is a four piece band from London, led by Swiss guitarist Nick Meier, which as it sounds has influences that go from Dream Theater to Pantera and gathers everything in between. The band delivered a very nice set which was really pleasant to listen to. With a good energy and sound, Seven7 is definitely a band to keep an eye on. With some very interesting guitar work, good grooves and vocals the band seems to have lots of potential. Only negative aspects were the fact that it sounded a little too much like Dream Theater when it came to guitar sounds, melodies and harmonic changes and also that the drummer seemed not to be as connected with the rest of the band as they were in between them. It would be great to see what the guys can do by creating a different and more unique sound. I'm not saying that they should ignore their influences but at least try to equally divide them in their sound. Up next we had a band we have already reviewed here: A New Tommorow. These guys are getting better every time I see them. For me they really had the best sound of the night and with their songs they really create a very nice, rock atmosphere that anybody can enjoy. Alessio's vocals were great and the guitar work from Edward was the best I've seen him deliver. Definitely try and catch them on their next gig which is coming very soon! And then to complete the night Achilla came on stage. Unfortunately for the band Achilla's sound suffered from the facilities of the venue and with some quite annoying power cuts during the set it was hard for the band to stay focused on delivering the set. Despite all of that, Achilla gave out a good set that proved that they are definitely one of the upcoming female-fronted rock/metal acts to take over the UK in the next few years. I was impressed by Martamaria's vocals which sounded really good on most parts, despite the fact that they were lacking some accuracy on a few other parts, while Daniele Panza proved once again that he is a shredding machine. Gus Macricostas is always a delight to watch on stage since he seems to enjoy being there more than anything in the world. Overall despite the poor attendance the gig was enjoyable and proved that there is an underground scene that is emerging in London. It's all about keeping an eye on it now!

Achilla: 8/10
A New Tommorow: 8/10
Seven7: 7/10

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