Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Beast - Devildriver (2011)

What a great record from the Californian metalers! After the somehow disappointing Pray for Villains (good album but was expecting much more) Devildriver returns to action with a great album full of heaviness and aggression!  I am generally very excited with the sound of this album and the variety of melodies and grooves that the band composed for this album. Production wise it sounds great proving once again that Mark Lewis is definitely one of the best in the genre! Dez Fafara (Vocals) sounds amazing and his vocals really bring out the anger and the pain that has been going around the band for the last years. The guitar riffs and solos are really well executed and constructed, while the rhythms and grooves are really inviting for massive mosh pits just like Devildriver fans know how to do which makes me think that the songs from this album are literally going to be bone crushers during the live shows. Every song, one after the other, is really delivering something unique and different but at the same time just like James Baysinger from Metalholic stated : "One thing about DevilDriver, their style may not change much, and you know what you're gonna get, but it still kicks your ass every fucking time”. Definitely a very good effort from Devildriver and really an album that all fans of brutal death metal should own!
The song that really stands out to us is Hardened which has some really aggressive riffing and a great solo filled with superb melodies!
Beast: 9/10
Posted Nick

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