Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Epica - 15 Mar 2011 (Scala)

Last night the Scala in Kings Cross was packed with metalheads and all of them were there to witness the come back of Epica after 3 years of absence from the Londonian scene. A very nice and simple gig with only one support act which, I believe, gave the opportunity to the crowd to enjoy more from both of the bands and also kept the it energetic throughout both sets. Supporting Epica last night we had ReVamp from the Netherlands. A fairly new band that visited the UK and London for the first time last night. Through their vocalist,ex After Forever, Floor Jansen(Vocals) Revamp managed to give out a very nice mix of smooth and aggressive all combined in a very nice package of symphonic and heavy. The songs were very pleasant to hear and the crowd seemed to like it. A very nice energy from this band and a great connection with the crowd that makes us certain that will be seeing them to be back in London and he UK very very soon! Epica is one of those bands that has a very unique and distinctive sound that has attracted millions of fans worldwide and is a band that does what it does with passion and love which is great to see and witness. And tonight was no different. Epica came on stage with a huge energy and a nice sound which however lacked some magnitude. Nevertheless the band delivered a great set with songs varying from different albums. Simone Simons(Vocals) was really in a great mood and lifted up the crowd in a “lovely” way that she only knows how to do. Mark Jansen(Guitar,Vocals) also gave out a great show while his vocals seem to have really improved. Coen Janssen(Keyboards), who recently become a father, was really enjoying the gig and it's always nice to see the musicians on stage enjoying the show as much as the people off stage. All the classic Epica songs were present and we even had the chance to hear the amazing Tides of Time were Simone is really showcasing the amazing voice that she has. The Imperial March was a great inclusion in the set-list and it was really well executed by the guys in the band too. The duet with Floor and Simone on Sancta Terra just before the end of the set was extremely nice and you can really see that those two are amazing singers each in her unique way. Cry for the Moon was a big sing along for the crowd which seemed to know all the lyrics by heart. It is generally amazing at how loyal and diversified is the Epica crowd. You can find in it every kind of person you may wish for and it is really great to see so many different people being united under one roof thanks to music. To finish the gig Epica performed The Phantom Agony while giving it a very nice “disco” feel during the chorus which suited the song quite well! In general a good gig with some nice surprises and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Epica: 18/20
ReVamp: 16/20
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