Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In Transience - Psychoanalysis (2010)

When somebody mentions Scotland to me I generally think about whiskey, kilts (more commonly known as man-skirts), bagpipes and probably a couple of monsters here and there. To me the link between metal and Scotland is not really existing mainly due to the fact that there is a very limited amount of Scottish metal that makes it to an international level. However recently it seems that Scotland has unleashed a wave of metal bands who are ready to infest the English and in general the UK metal scene. Psychoanalysis from Dunfermline could be one of these bands. With a nicely balanced first EP, titled In Transience, this band delivers a heavy and aggressive blend of rhythm and darkness suitable for all fans of Sylosis and Obscura. With the band being composed by fine musicians the listening of this EP was pretty easy. Finlay 'Fish' West (Guitar) lead parts sound really good and he showcases a nice technical ability throughout the songs, despite the fact that on some passages there is a slight lack of clarity in between notes. Gavin Hood (Vocals, Guitar) is really doing a great job on the vocals and really creates a haunting atmosphere in combination with all the elements within the songs and as for the rhythm section, which is composed by Chris Ryan on bass and Doog on drums, it keeps up very nicely and makes the riffs very headbangable. The three songs on the EP really work out well between them making it a nice and “easy to listen to” EP. Production wise the sound is not at its best. It is lacking magnitude and warmth making many parts sound a bit too dry, but the fact that really bothers me with this EP is that there is a lack of originality. The parts are executed very well but these are parts that we have all heard before. With the music scene getting bigger and bigger and with bands exploring music to the max it is really hard to come up with something unique and different but that is what most of the bands out there should be working on. Creating that unique sound is what will make you differ from any other band and unfortunately Psychoanalysis didn’t achieve that through this EP. Don’t get me wrong, this is a really good job but there is a need for something different. However I have trust in the abilities of this band and perhaps an EP with more tracks could introduce some unseen features of the band. Most interesting track is probably Ashen which really delivers some nice elements and sounds and the Heaven and Hell styled outro is quite pleasant!


In Transience: 2,75/5

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