Saturday, 2 April 2011

Calatrilloz - 29 Mar 2011 (Islington Academy)

When you read about Calatrilloz before going to see them at a gig, you are not entirely sure on what to expect. So before I went to the gig I read all the basic info for the band and checked out some of the Youtube material that they have and had a vague idea of what was to come. Once inside the academy I got greeted by a make-uped Luca Minischetti(Drums) who reassured me that the band was up first since the band that was originally intended to play first had pulled out. Calatrilloz came on stage and definitely delivered what all the writings mention: a theatrical/operatic rock feeling that was definitely a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately though it seems that no band can be spared from the technical difficulties that arise at every gig, and this time was no different. The backing tracks that Calatrilloz use were not coming out through the sound system and I later found out that one of the fuses was not working properly and it caused the whole backing track system to collapse. Despite that though, they guys really delivered a very good set that had all the intensity and excitement that it needed. Calatrilloz is composed by really talented musicians and they really deliver something unique for the scene. It would definitely be very nice to see how much difference the backing tracks make since some times it did seem a little bit "empty" but still it wasn't something that would make the band sound less good from what they already were. Overall a very enjoyable set by Calatrilloz and I'm really looking forward for the next gig to get a taste of the complete Calatrilloz experience!

Calatrilloz: 8/10

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