Saturday, 9 April 2011

Children of Bodom - Amon Amarth - 9 Apr 11 (The Forum)

The bill for tonight's show was excitingly promising with two giants(literally for one, not so literally for the other) of Scandinavian metal and with the sun shining high, the metalheads came in numbers for it. With the release of Surtur Rising and Relentless, Reckless Forever everybody was quite eager to hear the new material! First to showcase their might were our favourite Vikings: Amon Amarth. With eight studio albums in their bag and with a very small set time to fill, the band had to chose the songs to perform carefully and I am a bit disappointed from the choice. Would had definitely liked to hear more new songs and in general more Amon Amarth. The sound was quite bad which is something surprising since I remember that in general the sound in the Forum is quite good, even for support bands. However the band was up there and seemed to be in a very good shape and this is definitely a great warm-up for the big US tour they're heading of to. Amon Amarth are said to be coming back to do a headline tour here in the UK, so all we have to do in order to hear some new material live is just wait a few more months! Up next: Children of Bodom who attacked the stage with great might and aggression. These guys really know how to give a show although sometimes Janne Wirman(Keyboards) seemed a little bit bored. Alexi Laiho(Guitar,Vocals) proved once again that he is a great front-man and a great shredder. Once again however the sound was not that great. Better than Amon Amarth but it seems as if some speaker blew out at some point and the sound was really unworthy of a venue such as the Forum. Overall a very nice gig with a good atmosphere but unfortunately not a great sound.

Children of Bodom: 17/20 
Sound: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5 
Presentation: 5/5 
Performance: 4/5

Amon Amarth: 15/20 
Sound: 3/5 
Ambience: 4/5 
Presentation: 4/5 
Performance: 4/5

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