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The Great Mass - Septic Flesh (2011)

It's been three long years for the fans of symphonic death metal since the release of the last Septic Flesh album Communion. This time the Greek metalers are coming back on the front of the stage with an amazing album entitled The Great Mass. With the participation of the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague this album takes a huge step on to becoming a masterpiece. This is probably the most easy-listening death metal album I've heard in a while since the songs blend together so nicely that you don't actually have time to even get bored or even think of looking at what number track is playing. Most of the tracks are an explosion of heavy epicness combined with a nice macabre atmosphere just like you would expect from Septic Flesh. The full artwork(see below) for the album is absolutely amazing while the vocals alternations between Sotiris Vayenas(Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards) and Spiros “Seth” Antoniou(Vocals, Bass) are just mind blowing and exhilarating in a mean heavy fucking metal way! Overall an excellent album and I believe it was worth the three years wait!
For our favourite track we are hesitating between two so what the heck, we'll write something about both of them. The first track to stick to our head is Pyramid God. This song reminds somehow of Clint Mansell's Requiem for a Dream, but with a fucking loads of heavy guitars and growls! You get the idea. The whole song is just pure metal all the way with a very interesting middle-part that leads into a very "twisted" outro that is just loveable! The other song that really caught our attention is Therianthropy. What an amazing showcase of song writing and arranging talent! First of all before you listen to this song make sure that your neighbours will listen to it too and put the volume real high! The vocals of Seth and Sotiris are mixing so well that they really make the song feel like an overwhelming mix of heavy, melody and power!
The album is out NOW!

The Great Mass: 9.5/10

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