Friday, 8 April 2011

Human Remains - Hell (2011)

When I first got the email about Hell I had no bloody idea of who the hell they were. I'm way to young to remember the 80s and where I grew up metal is generally considered to be music from hell! So the first contact I had with the music of Hell was through the video of On Earth as it is in Hell not even a month ago and being a big fan of King Diamond and Iron Maiden it wasn't hard for me to love this stuff! Human Remains is the new album from occult heavy metal band Hell due to come out on the 13th of May via Nuclear Blast. This album is very well balanced with some great melodic lines throughout the whole album. The dark and hellish lyrics might seem a bit "passé" and sooo 80s to some but HEY! What the hell do you expect from a band called Hell? Right..glad we got that sorted out! The riffs are majestically heavy and really bring the best things about NWOBHM out. The band is really kicking ass and it will be a blast to watch these guys live. It is worthy to note that the whole album has some amazing intros for the majority of the songs and really gets you deep in the lyrical content of the album. Some may ask: was it worth the wait? Hell Yeah! I'll bet you anything that right now this album is on repeat down in hell and like Bart Gabriel from Hard Rocker said: “Hell's “Human Remains” is the devil's new favourite Heavy Metal album”. Quite an achievement don't you think?
Favourite track for us is probably the single out of the album On Earth as it is in Hell although we tend to like The Devils Deadly Weapon too. The 80s sounding main riff is just to good for us to stay indifferent and not headbang our eyes out of their sockets and although this song is 10 minutes long you really feel as if hell is upon you once its finished and you just have to listen to it again!

Human Remains: 9/10

Times the word hell is mentioned: 14 (yes hellish counts too!)

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