Monday, 18 April 2011

Quarterpast - Mayan (2011)

It many times felt like Mark Jansen(Epica) needed to express more brutality in his music and like Ariën van Weesenbeek(Epica) told us a few months ago Mayan is too brutal for Epica. And brutal it is! Quarterpast is the new baby of Mark Jansen(Epica), Jack Driessen(ex-After Forever) and Frank Schiphorst(Symmetry). The album is a blend of brutal guitar riffs and vocals, combined with the amazing arrangement skills that Mark has introduced to all of us with Epica. A blend that creates a unique sound especially with the introduction of the operatic and clean vocals from a great team composed from Floor Jansen(ReVamp), Simone Simons(Epica), Henning Basse(Sons of Seasons) and soprano opera singer Laura Macri. The album showcases a great technical ability from all the musicians involved and the melodies are very nicely blended with the heaviness of the project and really gives the whole album a different dimension from the other albums of the genre. The most remarkable thing however is definitely the arrangements between your “banal” common instruments and the symphonic instruments. Everything blends so well and to be honest, I wasn't expecting any less from a team of musicians who have been involved in symphonic metal for so long. The small disappointment about this album is that it is not an album that sticks to your head, or at least it didn’t stick to my head. It seems as if it is missing a hook that will grab the listener and haunt him for days after listening to the whole thing.
Our favourite song is The Savage Massacre which really gives out a great energy in the chorus and has a very cool and haunting middle part which builds up greatly, in combination with the voices in the background, into a “heavy as fuck” part only to explode into the chorus once again! Absolutely skull crushing!
The album is out on the 20th of May so keep an eye open for it!

Quarterpast: 8/10

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