Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Surtur Rising - Amon Amarth (2011)

It feels that every time Amon Amarth gets in the studio they have to come out with an opus of viking inspired metal! After the success of Twilight of the Thunder God, Surtur Rising is the newest album from the Swedish metalers and the eight studio album of the band. For starters: this album is great! The melodies, the heaviness, the feelings, everything is there. I have been a fan of Amon Amarth for almost 10 years and I can definitely say that this is their best work so far. The songs are beautifully constructed and they are heavy as fuck! Johan Hegg really did a great work with the vocals and the guitars of Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Soderberg switch from fast, aggressive riffs to exquisite solos and melodic lines. The Amon Amarth feeling is well represented in the whole album with melodies that may remind earlier works of the band but in no way are tiring or repetitive. In general the album is HEAVY! I’m pretty sure that if they had the appropriate equipment in the 8th century this would be the album by default to blast out of every drakkar when the Vikings were burning and looting villages. And just to help you imagine it as I do, take the helicopter attack scene from Apocalypse Now, replace the helicopters with drakkars and Ride of the Valkyries with Surtur Rising. Press PLAY! Cool isn’t it? I will dare and call Surtur Rising a battle anthem since this album generates some kind of courage and willingness to face the world, take a look in its eyes and spit in its face! The songs are most likely to be killers live and in combination with the other songs from the band we can only imagine how good the Amon Amarth set can be. This album is a must for all Amon Amarth fans and if you are looking for something new to listen to and you’ve never heard of Amon Amarth then give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed!
Best track for us is The Last Stand of Frej. This song expresses all the aspects that Amon Amarth has explored through the years. The death metal touch is very dominant while the melodies and the riffs along with the lyrics really make this a song full of power and courage which explodes into a pre-chorus, which could remind Black Sabbath to some, only to find home in a combination of all the best things about Amon Amarth in the chorus.

Surtur Rising: 10/10

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