Saturday, 14 May 2011

Infected - Hammerfall (2011)

Infected is the new album from Swedish metal legends Hammerfall, due to come out on the 20th of May via Nuclear Blast. Infected is a good effort from Hammerfall which includes some nice heavy riffs and great vocals from Joacim Cans(Vocals). The first time I listened to the album it really felt that until the 6th track it wasn't a good album at all. However with more and more listens, it started to get under my skin and I've caught myself singing melodies from the album which is always a good sign. In general the album is not extremely impressive or different since it stays true to the sound that Hammerfall has presented us in their past works. There are some catchy melodies but sometimes it feels as if they were imposed to the songs to make them that way, which is something I don't particularly like. The interchanges between calm and heavy parts are nicely done and the heavy metal ballad Send me a Sign is quite delightful. The guitars of Oscar Dronjak(Guitar) and Pontus Norgren(Guitar) sound really good and there are some nice solos throughout the whole album.
Our favourite track from the album is Dia de Los Muertos which is a powerful and fast song with some great vocals and good drumming. The chorus is really nice with some heavy guitar riffs and a great solo following the 2nd chorus.

Infected: 7/10

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