Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lux Mundi - Samael (2011)

When you talk to an average person about Switzerland, in general, he might think of clocks, chocolate, cheese and loads of mountains. However, when you talk about Switzerland to a metalhead he is probably thinking: Samael! Lux Mundi is the new album from the “Swiss metal experimentalists” released on the 29th of April through Nuclear Blast records. This album is quite different from previous Samael albums with the vocals having a very different feel and in general the sound being completely different than the very early albums from Samael and in comparison with Above, which was released in 2009, we have a very different, more symphonic and melodic album. Sometimes it has some hints of Rotting Christ in the melodies and the the way they approached some of the songs, notably Let My People Be which feels a lot like Athanati Este (Sanctus Diavolos – Rotting Christ, 2004). This could very possibly be related to the Latin album title and perhaps Samael wanted to give a different, more like “Roman catacomb” feel to their new work. Lux Mundi, which translates into Light of the World, is definitely an album filled with epic sounds and riffs which will definitely attract fans of symphonic death and black metal, but it's again a very drastic turn into a different kind of metal from Samael. Personally, I think that this is great but it might drive some fans who preferred the raw, black metal sound of Samael, which was somehow revived with Above, away. In general the album flows really nicely and you don't get bored of it easily which is definitely a good thing, however the power of attraction is not big on this album and some people might have a hard time to attach themselves to it.
Our favourite track is probably The Shadow of the Sword which has a very nice melodic and powerful feel with great vocals from Vorphalack.

Lux Mundi: 7.5/10 

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