Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Slipknot: All hope is gone?

Note: This is an article that Nick Azinas wrote in January 2011 for a webzine and we just wanted to share it with you guys and it now also includes a May update on the situation from Nick. This is not the type of article we generally publish but we would like to create a discussion on the matter and see what you guys think about this subject. Just leave a comment at the bottom and let us know your opinion!

January 2011
Spring 2010 has been one of the worst periods for heavy metal around the world. Not because of bad sales or anything like that but because three of the pioneers of heavy metal unfortunately passed away. First to pass away was the emblematic front man of Type O Negative Peter Steele followed by the legend that is Ronnie James Dio and to complete this unholy triad, Slipknot's bass player Paul Gray. This of course triggered many memorial shows, feelings, talks but also questions, with one of the biggest questions being triggered being about the future of Slipknot. We all saw the remaining Slipknot members being devastated during the press conference about Gray's death and many believed that this could be the end of it. Then a few months later we received the first signs of life from the band when Joy Jordison (Drums) stated that Slipknot was absolutely continuing. At the same time Shawn Crahan (Percussions) gave a full two-page interview to Metal Hammer UK stating the exact same thing. However very short after, Corey Taylor came out and said, what would soon become his catch phrase:”It's too soon” to take decisions. When we caught up with Corey just before the Stone Sour gig in London in October, Corey was still holding his grounds firmly. “It's too soon to say” Corey explained to us. He also pointed out that until that time there hasn’t really been any discussions about that matter with the other band members and he seemed a bit annoyed from the statements that the other guys had done. Following that, Corey kept on this position for a while saying that right now it doesn’t make any sense to continue. All the sudden in December the web was filled with news that Slipknot had started writing a new album and everybody really approved and embraced the news apart from one: Corey! Using his twitter account Corey stated that he had “ NO PLANS to make a new Slipknot album any time soon”. And when this started to look like some kind of Mexican soap opera the big news came: Slipknot is to headline the Sonisphere festivals in the UK and France while adding some other dates and festivals during the summer. What does Corey have to say about that? “like I've said: shows? Yes. Album? No”. So this is really turning out to be quite an interesting story. Slipknot are for the first time(at least from what I remember) openly disagreeing about their future. Now this could result to two things from my point of view: either they recruit a new bassist, Corey gives in and they continue making some heavy, loud metal or there is a split. So far the last idea has been hidden in the darkest thoughts of everyone's mind just like Stewie's Griffin love for the male body, but would this be possible? Well lets take a look at the possibilities. If we take a look at Corey's career so far, he is actually doing really well since Stone Sour is now starting to be quite important and big in the metal/rock scene. Along with the release of their 3rd album, Audio Secrecy, that sold 46,000 copies in the US alone on the first week of its release and debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200, Stone Sour was also part of a sold out tour with Avenged Sevenfold and Hellyeah that ravaged Europe and the US. Also lets not forget the festive song that Corey introduced to the play-list of everybody who likes to get drunk on Christmas day: X-M@$. X-M@$ reached number 37 in the UK and the US and proved that Corey can really get away with anything he creates! So would a split with Slipknot affect Corey? I don't think so. Would it affect Slipknot? Yes! Corey is an amazing front man and a very social person that will make you love him as soon as he starts talking to you and this is what has helped Slipknot on the social part of the band. Having a front man like Corey is what every band should dream of and if Slipknot loses him they will have trouble recovering from it. Of course I could be wrong, but I'm not. Now pay attention Slipknot fans. I'm not suggesting that there will be a split or that it is even considered by Corey or anyone else. I am just stating that this possibility exists just like there is a possibility that Lady Gaga is actually a dude. The only way to actually find out if this is ever going to happen is to wait and bleed.

However until then you still have the chance to see Slipknot live at the Sonisphere festival in July along with some other HUGE metal names such as some kids called Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer! Rock on maggots!

May 2011 Update
So it seems that things are moving towards that way. When the article was originally written in January 2011 it was merely a gamble and an assumption but as the months passed by and the protagonists of this story did more and more interviews it seems that this assumption might become a reality. Recent facts such as the Joey Jordison interview saying that we will continue “with or without” Corey and the Corey Taylor interview saying that “If this tour doesn't work, this band might be over “ things are definitely in the thoughts of all the Slipknot members. Also Corey has shown that he is ready to move on and do other things and the recent dismissed rumours of Corey being the new Velvet Revolver singer, despite the fact that VR and Corey admitted that he did try out for it, proves that he is definitely moving forward and might be leaving Slipknot behind. Only one way to find out. Just wait for history to take the turn!

Posted by Nick


  1. surely an interesting story to keep an eye on..i just hope Corey doesn't leave...he is just perfect with Slipknot

  2. things might turn ugly after the tour.....

  3. I think he will leave...though I can't imagine Slipknot without him :/

  4. I think the Knot better start looking for a new lead vocalist unfortuantley.

  5. I understand people want to do different things, but seriously? Stone Sour will never, ever be slipknot. Not in popularity, not in sales, and most of all not in catchy tunes. Slipknot has proved everyone wrong in how big they have become. Why would you leave that corey? I liked the first stone sour album, and the second one wasnt bad either. What is the 3rd though?! You seriously could tour with lady gaga and green day with an album like that. You're looked at as a metal god. So many new bands coming up call slipknot their "inspirations". No one will come out and say "stone sour was our inspiration". No one. I can honestly say every respected person in the metal world will without a doubt be disappointed in Corey's decision if he leaves slipknot. Thats right Corey, no one will say "good call bro". Its like saying Jason Newsted made a good decision leaving metallica. No offense dude but, wake the F up.