Sunday, 8 May 2011

You Only Live Twice - Pain (2011)

When I heard the single out of the new Pain album Dirty Woman I thought: “Cool! A nice rock n' roll feel”. However, when I listened to the whole album I understood that it was just this song that went down the rock n' roll road. The new Pain album You Only Live Twice composed and executed (apart from the drums) by Hypocrisy front man Peter Tägtgren is an album that stays loyal to the Swedish metal sound and fans of the bands that emerged from that scene will definitely feel comfortable while listening to it. In general the album presents an interesting choice of sounds and styles. The tracks alternate themselves throughout many different styles of metal which can remind of AC/DC with Dirty Woman while some riffs can remind of Slipknot, notably the verse riff on Monster which has a Corey Taylor kind of vibe. If you've never heard of Pain, or Hypocrisy as a matter of fact, then think of this album as a mix of the major Gothenburg scene bands, such as In Flames, Soilwork etc. but with a very dark and evil twist in it. In general however there is nothing that creates major excitement about this album. It all falls against the whole sound that Tägtgren has created over the years and it feels as if there are no real surprises which is a bit of a disappointment. Of course there are many electronic sounds incorporated within the album and some of them are quite interesting to hear but apart from that nothing else managed to grasp my attention.
There are a few songs which stand out from this album and in general almost every song has a part which we thought was cool, but as complete works our favourite will have to be either Dirty Woman with the whole feel and vibe that it releases or Season of the Ripper which is a heavy dark piece with a very nice outro and interesting sounds.
The album is out on the 3rd of June via Nuclear Blast.

You Only Live Twice: 6.5/10

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