Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kairos - Sepultura (2011)

It's always exciting when a band with a 26 years long career releases a new album, and when that band is Sepultura it can actually become very exciting. Kairos is the brand new album from Brazilian metalers due to be released on the 24th of June via Nuclear Blast. This is definitely an album which returns to the roots of the band with knife stabbing riffs and heavy beats while in general the album generates a dark feeling combined with anger and power. Andreas Kisser, as always, did an amazing job on the guitar parts and guitar solos. The guitar and drum riffs often have a very monotonous flow which creates a hypnotic feeling and puts the listener into a headbanging state of mind quite quickly! Production wise the album is great. This is the first Sepultura album under the Nuclear Blast label and it is obvious that more have been invested in the making of the album than with SPV, the previous Sepultura label. The production of the album was handled by world famous producer Roy Z. There are 15 tracks on the album including a cover of Ministry's Just One Fix re-arranged with a Brazilian twist. The whole album concept is based around time and the long career of the band and is quite nicely represented on the album cover which is definitely interesting. There are also 4 tracks entitled with numbers which represent time in the different calendars around the world. First track is 2011 based on the Gregorian calendar year that we are living in, second track is 1433 which is the year in which the Islamics are living in, thirdly 5772 which is the year that the Hebrews are living in and lastly 4648 which is the year in which the Chineses are living in at the moment. In a recent interview Kisser said that those tracks represent time (Kairos in Greek) and how we all live in the same time in a different time! 4648 is also a cover of Prodigy's Firestarter!
Favourite track out of the album is Structure Violence which is a track with a traditional Brazilian beat in the background combined with what Sepultura does best. A great track, with a lot of clave patterns, which takes you deep down inside the Brazilian favelas.

Kairos: 8/10

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