Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Subversion - 26 May 2011 (Sound)

Those of you who follow Peek from the Pit, and the writing that is being uploaded, probably understand and know that one of my new favourite bands coming right out of the London underground scene is Subversion. So, inevitably, whenever I hear that the boys are playing in town, I do my best to attend! This time Subversion were headlining the Metal Sound showcase in Leicester square. Sound is a very nice venue which, I understand, is not typically very metal oriented but could, I believe, be the ideal place for a full-on heavy metal show like the one that was planned for the night, but unfortunately it just didn't happen. The event was poorly attended, apart from one band that managed to catch my attention and bring in the public. Splintered Soul (which is a band formed in London a few years ago, and I have to admit that I am not familiar with their history, but I understood that there has been a massive line-up change and some time off for the band) is a female fronted band which might remind some of ReVamp, with a different approach when it comes down to the vocals . Interestingly the following and the attendance that the band had was the biggest from all the bands performing on the night! In general the band didn't create a feeling of amazement but definitely triggered a sense of interest which means that it would probably be wise to keep an eye on them. Nevertheless, the band you should really keep an eye on where up next! Last time I witnessed Subversion they were opening the gig for Anterior at the Barfly and, as we all know, support bands generally don't get the appropriate attention they should. So, this time I was expecting more from the band,since they were headlining, and was really looking forward to the set. Unfortunately the sound throughout the whole show, and for all the bands that played, was rubbish. I don't blame any of the bands for this but unfortunately sound is an important factor for a gig, and this is why bands should really be careful when they chose a sound engineer and also insist in having a proper sound check before every gig. Anyhow the guys really attacked the set with great energy and it always amazes me how into it they are. They are really something worth seeing live, and with the appropriate stage and sound this guys can really kill it and blow your mind off! If you are a guy/girl who likes to give the “I was listening to them before they became famous” lecture, then listen to this band because it won't be long! If they play all their cards right they could very soon be, on their way to the top!

Subversion: 7/10
Sound: 1/3
Ambience: 1/2
Presentation: 2/2
Performance: 3/3

Splintered Soul: 6/10
Sound: 1/3
Ambience: 2/2
Presentation: 1/2
Performance: 2/3

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