Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Necropolis Transparent - Lock Up (2011)

Grind/death metalers Lock Up are back with their third album Necropolis Transparent, released on the 1st of July in Europe and on the 12th in the USA via Nuclear Blast Records. The project is back with an album filled with machine-gun blasts and double kicks by the one and only Nick Barker. The drums are phenomenal, as expected, while along with the guitars of Anton Reisenegger they really keep the album interesting with the vast variations between riffs and grooves. The album has some musical moments of true black metal but still Lock Up managed to incorporate a variety of grooves and riffs which keep the album from becoming just another album of non-stopping blast beats and double kicks. As for when it comes down to the vocals, there is nothing more to say: Pure madness! Tomas Lindberg is just great at what he does and I think nobody can really deny this. Special guests on this album are none others that the very talented, and apparently very busy, Pain and Hypocrisy frontman Peter Tagtgren who returns to Lock Up to complete the trilogy of Lock Up albums. Also appearing as a guest is Jeff Walker from Carcass who embellished some songs with his screams and vocals. Necropolis Transparent is composed of 16 tracks which blend between them greatly and, like every true grind metal song, each of them lasts less than 3 minutes! The album was mixed by none other that the producing legend that is Andy Sneap and the sound on the album is just so clean, for a grind metal album, that it really sounds amazing. So, many congratulations to Mr Sneap for this great work! In general Necropolis Transparent is definitely a grind metal “must-have” album for all the fans of the genre and to be honest, with a line up like the one Lock Up has, it's only natural.
Favourite track out of the album is kind of hard to define but Necropolis Transparent is definitely a track worth checking out. With a nice groove and feel this track is definitely a spine breaker so, you know what to do when you hear it! 

Necropolis Transparent: 8/10

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