Friday, 5 August 2011

Awaken The Tides - Malefice (2011)

Reading metalers Malefice are back with their 4th studio album entitled Awaken The Tides, which was released on the 2nd of August via Metal Blade Records. While listening to the album the first time, I have to say that it left me disappointed as I was expecting something heavier from Malefice and Awaken The Tides is not exactly what I was anticipating. However after listening to the album a few times I grew fond of it and I can say that the album flows really nicely and there are some very nice passages that sound awesome. Awaken the Tides is an album which brings to the listener a nice variety of sounds and styles as it seems as if Malefice tried a different recipe for this album. With the vocals not being as aggressive as one would expect, and with tracks with a slower tempo and vibe, such as The Day the Sky Fell, Malefice really brings out an other aspect of the band which is kind of refreshing to hear. Dale Butler(Vocals) really does a great job on the whole album and uses his vocals capabilities to the max! The guitar riffs are not as aggressive and attacking as on the previous album but are still keeping a nice feel while some riffs are still spine-destroyer material! The big question in my mind is whether Malefice has found their sound yet or if they are still searching. Awaken The Tides is definitely the most "musically mature" work that Malefice have released but how far can they take their music and how much difference can they make is something we will have to wait to find out. Until then though we have a kick-ass album to enjoy!

The album has a bunch of really cool bits to check out. The title track Awaken The Tides has some great drumming from Chris Allan-Whyte(Drums) while tracks like Flood Of Red and Delirium feature some really nice guitar solos that go from crazy atonic stuff to melodic and almost bluesy licks. Dale Butler is really impressive on The Day the Sky Fell introducing a lot of feeling in his singing as well as on The Haunting which is a track with a massive intro riff that turns out into some sort of heavy metal lament and eventually awakes the tides!

Awaken The Tides: 8.5/10

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