Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Until Fear No Longer Defines Us - Ghost Brigade (2011)

While listening to Ghost Brigade for the first time, at the Amorphis gig in November 2010 in Islington, it was quite clear that this band had something very special about it. And indeed it really does! With their second album Isolation Songs being an amazing album, the band is now back with a brand new album entitled Until Fear No Longer Defines Us out now via Season of Mist. This album, is a more mature and constructed work than any previous releases from the band, but still lacks some elements from Isolation Songs, which made that album so good. In general, the album gives a gloomy and dark atmosphere, as expected, but it seems as if the sonic explosions which made Ghost Brigade so good in the first place, are not sustained enough and this seems to block the energy of the band from coming out. The songs on this album are almost certainly songs that will sound amazing live and honestly I can’t wait to hear this band again with the arsenal of songs that they now have. Lyrically the band really did a great job with some great lines and very nice passages which fit extremely well with the melodic composure of Ghost Brigade. Production wise, Until Fear No Longer Defines Us is not at the top level! Definitely not a bad production, but it feels as if many sonic elements are lacking the power and amplitude they really need to become impressive! To sum up, Ghost Brigade’s latest effort is a good album which didn’t disappoint, despite the fact that I still consider Isolation Songs to be a better album on the over-all. However, this album only makes me really eager to hear the songs live and see what Ghost Brigade can provide with the next album!
Favourite song out of the album is Clawmaster, which is also the first track that we got to hear from the album. This song is an amazing combination of everything that is good in Ghost Brigade! There is atmosphere, feeling, energy and some really great lyrics which all together, combined with the talent of Ghost Brigade, make this an excellent song!

Until Fear No Longer Defines Us: 8/10    

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