Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wasted Sinners - 5 Oct 2011 (The Monarch)

The Monarch has always been known, as a place for good, underground metal. From the opening acts of Metalworks, to the gigs just like the one that happened last Wednesday, you know you will definitely get quality! So on Wednesday first band I got to witness for the night was Roxville, which unfortunately, failed to impress. With a sound which was very much like a mixture of AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith it was really hard to distinguish anything that really sounded unique and original. Generally, the lack of a good sound and the lack of uniqueness is what took away the interest from the band’s set. Roxville didn’t deliver a great set and failed to create the nice atmosphere that this style of music generally gives out! On the other hand however, the headliners for the night Wasted Sinners, managed to do exactly this. With a slightly sloppy start on the first two songs, mainly due to sound-man issues, the band really picked up afterwards and delivered a very good set filled with original compositions, as well as two covers;  Chuck Berry’s Johnny be Good and Black Crowes’s Hard to Handle(Original by Otis Redding). The original material of the band had a very nice feel and a very energetic rock n’ roll vibe which picked up everyone in the room! Wasted Sinners are definitely a well-rehearsed and tight band and really understand the concept of putting up a good show! Composed by a technically accomplished crew, these boys only need to find and include the uniqueness in their sound and show, to accomplish greater things. Now that’s where the hard part begins!

Wasted Sinners: 8/10 
Roxville: 5/10

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