Monday, 7 November 2011

Carbon-Based Anatomy - Cynic (2011)

American progers Cynic are back with an incredible 6-track EP entitled Carbon-Based Anatomy which will be released on the 11th of November via Season of Mist. This short but extremely enjoyable EP, travels the listener through paths which crossbreed native American sounds with prog rock, and creates the most amazing airy atmospheres and build ups I’ve heard in a while! I remember reading somewhere about Cynic having sound elements that resembled those of jazz guitarist Pat Metheny, and by listening to this EP I couldn’t agree more. Cynic really builds up the energies in such a way that it really feels like being on a big trip, while the use of electronic sounds is definitely working very well. The impressive thing about this EP is the way in which the band drifts from the electronic sounds to the sheer sounds of percussions and vocals which is absolutely superb! All of these, in combination with some post-rock elements and what seems to be a Cynic secret ingredient, create a wonderful work which can be heard over and over again! The flow of the EP is extremely nice and this is surely a very enjoyable piece of art for every Cynic fan, and not only!
Favourite track from the EP is probably Carbon-Based Anatomy which is an absolutely brilliant track combining electronic sounds and live instrument sounds which create a very alien-like, spacey feeling. You can almost see the white light! Another interesting track is Elves Beam Out, just because it has a great title which is nicely reflected in the music!

Carbon-Based Anatomy:  5/5

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