Monday, 7 November 2011

Nothing but Everything Will Remain - Project Masquerade (2011)

Nothing but Everything Will Remain is the new album from Project Masquerade, the project created by Dutch guitarist Noud Smeets. With this new album Smeets showcases an amazing talent at composing and arranging and delivers an album filled with intensity,  colourful melodies and incredibly technical guitar parts! The album, which is composed of six tracks, visits many different styles of metal but at the same time somehow remains in its own style building up a very coherent and diverse album. The album features many different singers which adds some nice dynamics and gives space for a few interesting harmonies.  Some tracks of the album include some very powerful riffs, accompanied by a ripping double kick which gives out a great energy, while on other tracks haunting melodies and heavy drum beats are grabbing your hair and force you to headbang! Killer of Life is an interesting piece which reminds of Slayer-like stuff during the first minutes before changing into a different style which again emphasises the incredible amount of different sounds and styles which are incorporated within the album! My only concern with the album is that if some people don’t appreciate a specific style of metal they will get stuck on one song or will have to skip songs just because they don’t feel comfortable with the style. Smeets did take a very different approach while composing the album by blending so many different elements and he is definitely trying to reach fans of a more progressive nature since, despite the fact that the album runs smoothly and has a nice positive energy, I believe that the continuous change of styles can get a bit tiring for a common listener. Fortunately, as mentioned before, this album has only 6 tracks which definitely keeps the smoothness, but repetitive listens of the album might not be easily digested.
Favourite track out of the album is probably Carve Your Soul with its harmonies on the chorus and the ripping guitar solo. This song has a very nice aggressive feel which builds up really nicely and fans of progressive metal will definitely feel at home with this track!

Nothing but Everything Will Remain: 7/10

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