Monday, 28 November 2011

Textures - 25 Nov 2011 (The Garage)

It was a highly anticipated gig for us, since witnessing Textures, with their new members, for the first time at the Euroblast festival in Cologne, Germany back in October. This time they were accompanied by the Swiss-German quintet The Ocean and Manchester’s Aliases. Aliases were up on stage first, but due to our interview with Robin Staps(Guitar) from The Ocean we didn’t catch their set. We got in the venue just in time for The Ocean for which we were very looking forward to. The post-metal band delivered a stunning set which really grasped the predominant Textures crowd. It was actually amazing to see how the energy was flowing from the band to the crowd. The Ocean is a band which can be enigmatic and aggressive at the same time, creating a very mysterious atmosphere which travels the listener. An almost perfect set from them. And right after that, it was time for Textures to headline their show. The band seems to be at its best shape, with their catchy melodies and heavy riffs, which makes them an instant crowd pleaser. They just have this ability to create an immense sound which makes every single song to be heavy as fuck! Of course the highlights were songs such as Awake and Laments of an Icarus which defined the sound of Textures and sent the crowd into some intensive moshing. On the overall, an amazing gig which deserved a bigger audience, so next time Textures or The Ocean are in town, make sure you are there too.

Textures: 20/20 
Sound: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Performance: 5/5

The Ocean: 19/20
Sound: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Performance: 4/5

Aliases: N/A
Sound: N/A
Ambience: N/A
Presentation: N/A
Performance: N/A

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