Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Erevos Aenaon - Meden Agan (2011)

Meden Agan, and their new album Erevos Aenaon released in September 2011, are the new symphonic progressive metal band to come out of Greece. Well known for its extreme metal bands such as Septicflesh and Rotting Christ as well as power metalers Firewind, this new addition to the roster of Greek metal bands is one that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Meden Agan is a band which combines the beauty and passion of female operatic vocals with a musical virtuosity which expands the sound of the band to new limits. Erevos Aenaon, as an album, combines many different elements from different metal genres which makes it suprisingly unique. If we try to quantify the sound of the album we could say that it is a crossbreed between early Nightwish or Epica and for some reason musically it gives me a feeling of early Lacrimas Profundere (in better quality obviously). Production wise the album is very good. However, there are some points where the sound lacks the bulkiness that it needs to really give out the epicness desired. It also seems that the album gets better as it progresses, since the first tracks are not generating any particular good or bad impressions, but once the listener gets into the mood of the album the situation changes drastically by engaging the listener in the journey. On a general note a very good first album from Meden Agan, which makes their future looking promising!
Our favourite track out of the album is Dissolve Into Grey. This track has a very Amorphis-like intro which then erupts in a combination of heaviness and melody. It also features some good guitar and drum work proving once again that the Greeks know how to play!

Erevos Aenaon: 8/10 

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