Saturday, 4 February 2012

All Roads Lead Here - Chimp Spanner (2012)

The Chimp is back with a heavy as fuck EP! All Roads Lead Here is the brand new EP from UK based prog-metal/tech/djent band Chimp Spanner, due to be released on February 6th via Basick Records. This EP is actually quite phenomenal. The technical degree has risen to a brand new level and the heaviness is just colossal! The EP starts with a couple of “relaxed” songs (relaxed in a chimpy way) but it really doesn’t take long for it to grasp you by the balls and force you to head bang violently against your desk. The atmospheres are nicely present and create a very haunting surround which is topped by the amazing guitar and drums work. With some extremely catchy riffs and melodies this is the best piece of music I’ve stumbled upon since the beginning of the year and god, it’s going to be hard to top that! Additionally, the passages from absolute calmness to killer heaviness are just face-melting!! With some great solos and majestic riffs this has become an instant favourite! The EP is consisted of 6 tracks which, in combination with a very good production, makes it really easy to listen to again, and again, and again…..and again!
Favourite track out of this EP is probably Mӧbius Pt III. Although the whole Mӧbius collection is quite amazing, this song is just too damn good! The riffs are superb and the alternations between passages are executed perfectly while the ending riff is so powerful my grandma would probably start rocking out to it if she heard it! Another really enjoyable song, is the last track: Cloud City. For some reason this song reminds of my youth and in particular a video game I used to play. Sonic the Hedgehog Mr Ortiz?? I don't know, but how awesome would it be to play Sonic with this in the background??? Anyhow, to end up this review I just need to say: voila! New Chimp Spanner EP is a must! Go get it!

All Roads Lead Here: 5/5

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