Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pianomation - Shattered Skies (2012)

Well it’s almost Valentine’s day, so I bet many of you metalheads are actually pondering on what to get for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Of course, I'm only kidding just because it's a stupid celebration, but if you are one of those who do celebrate it then your quest ends right here. Pianomation is the new EP from Irish prog metalers Shattered Skies, due to be released on the 13th of February, which features three tracks from the Reanimation EP, in a very smooth and well executed piano & vocals format. Additionally, as a little bonus, the brand new track As The Sea Divides will also be available for download, along with the EP, in a fully instrumented version. As the Sea Divides is really a great track with a very powerful intro riff and very good dynamics. Sean Murphy delivers some really good vocals while Ian Rockett really blasts the roof off with some very skilled guitar work. As the Sea Divides is an instant favourite just because it has everything you could ask from a song: energy, raw power, feeling and some fucking awesome riffs! First on the EP is Beneath the Waves ,the first track out of Reanimation, which is also the first track to undergo the piano & vocals treatment. The original, fully instrumented version of Beneath the Waves is a very powerful and energetic track which, on Pianomation, surprisingly transforms itself into an elegant display of fine composition and musicianship. Following up, is Attrition which is one of those tracks that creates a superb mood on an EP. Just like it’s title suggests this track has a very dark and gloomy feel and the duet between Ian(Piano) and Sean(Vocals)  is absolutely magnificent and really works out very well, just as it does on the entire EP. Finally, last track on the EP is Chasing After Time which ends the EP in a very pleasant and slightly oriental way. Once again some great piano work from Ian who has proven himself to be a very good multi-instrumentalist. To end this review, Pianomation is a very good piece of work and a very nice touch from the band which is definitely worth checking out, while it is also a very strong proof that Shattered Skies are one of those bands to keep an eye on!

Pianomation: 4,5/5

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