Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pirates of the Majors

First of all read this. Now think about this: Adele sold almost 9 million copies of "21" worldwide. No one can argue that "21" is not a great album because it just is. Maybe not your style, but still, you've heard the majority of tracks and you probably enjoy them. At the same time, we are being spoon fed and brainwashed that the music industry is having troubles, that CD sales are dropping and that the main reason for all of these is piracy. So, the UK government recently invaded people’s freedom and blocked from all UK ISPs, since that should solve the problem. 

I have always thought that whoever said that piracy was the reason for the demise of the music industry was either a fool or just didn’t understand the music industry. Funnily enough, last week was full of remarks blaming piracy for the closure of Roadrunner’s international offices and frankly, that annoyed the hell out of me, especially when these remarks came from artists. Sure enough, piracy is not helping with the sales of albums and honestly, thank god it’s not!

Why am I saying this? Because it feels as if artists, guided by their labels, are every year releasing shit ,after shit, after shit. Yes, SHIT! You’re wondering how I know it? I know it because you told me so. Or because you’ve showed me so! Adele sold 9 million copies of "21" and has been in the charts for 65 weeks. It is now the 5th best-selling album of all times, in the UK! And that’s because it is a great album, because it’s not SHIT! See, if every artist released great albums, like "21", then you would had bought it, therefore creating more revenue for the music industry. So, have you bought the latest Nicki Minaj? No! Why? Because it's shit. And for those of you who downloaded it, why did you do so? Because it's not worth the money! (Those of you who bought it, you clicked on the wrong link and get the hell out of here!) With the labels focusing on shitty artists that they will drop after their 2nd album, it’s no wonder that nobody wants to buy albums anymore. Why the hell would I want to give £10 or $20 to buy a shitty album that has been placed under my nose by the majors? Give me something good and I’ll buy it. But keep on throwing shit at consumers, and they'll keep on downloading your shit. The music industry’s slow and painful death is not due to piracy, it's mostly due to shit music. It's due to the fact that the majors are trying to force you to buy whatever turd they try to polish. Good music sells and Adele is the proof.

Posted by Nick